Intuitive and Brandable Form and Survey Tools

A survey tool can have all the fancy features in the world, but they’re useless if your business can’t use them effectively. We’ve rounded up some tools that are super intuitive so the time pressed and inexperienced can maximize their data collection. Alternatively, it may be essential for your business to make your surveys look [...] Read article

Free and Low-Cost Form and Survey Tools

Forms and surveys can be a great insight into the minds of your customers, but for now you feel your budget is better used in other places. Luckily, we’ve found some free and low cost options with plenty of functionality to help you get started. Google Forms   A completely free option, Google Forms can [...] Read article

Help Desk Software for High Ticket Volumes

Large and small businesses with high ticket volumes face different challenges to customer support offered on a smaller scale. Time-saving features such as filtering, automation, and bottleneck detection are essential in ensuring a smooth and responsive service. Some of these services have a steeper learning curve than the plug and play systems recommended to microbusinesses, [...] Read article

Best Help Desk Software for Live Support

The importance of timely service to customer satisfaction can’t be overstated, and your business takes this seriously. Implementing live support involves careful consideration of the amount of agents you have and the hours when availability is crucial to make sure it’s a cost effective option. More and more services offer phone and chat integration but [...] Read article

4 Help Desk Options for Small Businesses

Good customer support is a cornerstone of any organization. Even for small businesses, customer support tickets can build up and tie up valuable time you could be spending elsewhere. Small teams have a great incentive to stay efficient and focused, and help desk software is one way to streamline the system.  SupportBee For very small [...] Read article

Low Cost Video Hosting Options for Growing your Business

Maybe you don’t have a large amount of content yet, or maybe your business is still waiting to see if video marketing is really where you want to invest. Before you shell out for the feature packed premium versions, take a look at some free and low cost versions for your video hosting. Free Options [...] Read article

4 Video platforms to increase your marketing outreach

When you’ve invested time and money into creating video content for your business, it’s only natural to want to test how your customers react to it, and if you can turn interest into solid leads. Google Analytics is powerful and free, but for video content you really need platforms to be customized for video. Here [...] Read article

3 Platforms to Monetize your Video Content

So you’ve come this far, investing time and money into the creation of quality video content, and now you are wondering how to make it work for you. While the main function of videos is to increase traffic to your site, increase engagement, and boost your brand, there’s no harm in monetizing a little more [...] Read article

4 Options to Automate your Email Marketing

Your business has harnessed the power of email marketing and conversions are flowing from all corners of the globe. As crucial as your campaigns are, you don’t want to lose valuable days setting them up when you could be searching for more leads and closing more sales. When your business reaches a certain size (and [...] Read article