About us

Our mission is to facilitate small business productivity by bringing the most accurate and full reviews of business ideas, services and software.

Here at new.smb.guru we:

  • Review software and services honestly and without bias
  • Provide quizzes to quickly find a solution suited for a particular business
  • Highlight niche products with special uses
  • Analyse where and why products add value

Also, we offer a variety of user guides and tips on how to market and finance a small business.

SMB guru was founded 2015 by a team of small business enthusiast coming from wary background, including technology, software, marketing, and medical services.

We have taught that small business needs information. And needs it badly. Starting from ideas on how to start it up, further on to which tools and software to use and finally onto how to track success.

That’s why we provide the information to facilitate decision and help the country’s small business grow. Please send your hellos, comment and ideas to us! 


Bogdan Lytvyn


Graduate Marketing and International Affairs. From Ukraine. I love bike and startup wisdom bits. I am also a founder of Dobre Mylo, natural soap makers. [email protected] 

Rosemary Morland

Content strategist, researcher

Graduate Neusocience / Forensic Science. From Scotland. I am a keen photographer (analogue mainly). I cycle, sew, bake, and generally get involved where I can!

Cecile Lanfranchi

Content writer, analyst

Graduate Mechanical Design Engineer. From England but based in Buenos Aires. When I’m not working I like to make websites, dance tango, and cook elaborate meals. [email protected]

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