Tracks Vs Pipeline Deals


Simple Sales Tracking

tracks review

Pipeline Deals

Increase productivity & close more deals

pipelinedeals review

Round 1: Pricing

TracksPipeline Deals
From $16/monthFrom $25/user/month


Winner: Tracks!

Tracks takes this round, as you can add as many users as you want for the same low price of $16/month ($25/month with Highrise integration).

Round 2: Features

Features:TracksPipeline Deals
Email Templates/AutomationY
activity & sales reportingY
Pipeline managementYY
Email integrationY
Google Apps IntegrationYY
Mobile AppYY
Document storageBEST
Advanced securityY


Winner: Pipeline Deals!

Pipeline Deals takes the crown this round, offering email automation, advanced security, and was best in class for document storage and handling.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration:TracksPipeline Deals
Integration levelMIDHIGH
APIIn DevelopmentY
Browser AppsIn Development
Contact ManagementYBEST
Customer SupportY
Data ManagementBEST
Document HandlingY
Email ServicesY
Forms & SurveysBEST
Productivity & Team ManagementY
Social MediaY


Winner: Pipeline Deals!

Pipeline Deals again comes out victorious, due to its superior social media and accountancy integrations.

Round 4: Language support

TracksPipeline Deals
Available in English, and you can change the currency in preferences, but no specifics on currencies supportedOnly available in English


Winner: Tracks! 

Tracks takes it by a whisper by having multi-currency support as standard.

The battle score

Overall Winner: Pipeline Deals!

With an incredible range of integrations, multi-language versions available, and a whole range of features, Pipeline Deals is definitely the one to check out here!

But you might prefer Tracks if:

  • You have a smaller budget
  • You want a straightforward, no-frills CRM app
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