Interview with Martin Zwilling

Martin has for years provided entrepreneurs with first-hand advice, mentoring and a business plan assistance as a startup consultant. As a part of our SMB Expert Wisdom Project we contacted Martin Zwilling of  Startup Professionals, Inc  and asked him 5 questions.

1. How would you define ‘small business’ in 2016?

I work with startups and entrepreneurs, so to me a small business normally means 10 employees or less and $1 million or less in revenue.

2. How do you think technology has re-shaped the SMEs (amazing and sad ways)?

Technology, including web sites and mobile apps, has amazingly allowed small businesses to look large, and compete with large businesses.
On the other hand, technology allows things to happen fast, which means you can sadly fail fast as well.

3. Please give 5 notions that would define small business owners in the future.

– independent
– innovative
– agile
– positive lifestyle
– more partners and affiliates

4. What’s the best strategy to overcome the Digital Divide?

I believe there is no longer a Digital Divide – the Internet and digital phone access are everywhere in the world.

5. Who is your favourite blogger recently?

Dan Rockwell – Leadership Freak

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