Viddler vs. Vidyard


Video Tools for Learning and Engagement

viddler review


Turn Viewers into Customers

vidyard review

Round 1: Pricing

Custom ? from $100/monthfrom $79/month for 20 videos


Winner: Tie!

Vidyard and Viddler both have custom pricing and custom features, aiming at large established enterprises.

Round 2: Features

Customizable Playerxx
Unbranded Playerxx
In video Calls to Actionx
Website does not redirect to third partyxx
Multiple player themes supported
Email Capturexx
Aggregate AnalyticsxBEST
Advanced Analytics, individual viewer metricsx
Integrations with CRM and marketing automationBEST
Video SEO
Password Protectionxx
IP Blocking
HTTPS Compatiblexx
Embedding Restrictionsxx
Download Restrictionsxx
Codes to secure paid contentxx
Allows users to pay directly for premium contentBEST
Subscription Services
Direct Payment (Tip Jar)


Winner: Vidyard!

It was close, as both Vidyard and Viddler have an impressive range of features. Vidyard has better features to integrate with marketing automation programs and better analytics and email capture features, but Viddler allows users to profit from advertising and have their content paid for directly.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration levelLOWMED
Content Management (Wordpress, Joopla)
Ecommerce (Shopify/WooCommerce)
CRM (Salesforce/Hubspot/Infusionsoft)Y
Social MediaY


Winner: Vidyard!

Vidyard integrates seamlessly with marketing automation powerhouses such as Marketo, Eloqua, and Act-On, as well as Ecommerce platforms, Social Media, Salesforce and Email Marketing. Viddler has much lower app support, it’s possible we just don’t have the info– their feature and app list is not prominent online.

Round 4: Language support

Only available in EnglishOnly available in English


Winner: Tie!

The battle score

Overall Winner: Vidyard!

But you might prefer Viddler if:

  • You want to monetize your content with advertising
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