Insightly Vs Tracks


Unleash your Inner hero with Insightly

Insightly Review


Simple Sales Tracking

Tracks Review

Round 1: Pricing

From $15/user/monthFrom $16 month


Winner: Tracks!

Close one here, but we’re giving it to Tracks, as you can add as many users as you want for the same low price of $16/month ($25/month with Highrise integration)

Round 2: Features

Email Templates/AutomationY
Pipeline managementY
Google Apps IntegrationY
Mobile AppYY
Business card scannerY


Winner: Insightly!

With the inclusion of email templates and lead generation makes Insightly the winner of this round, and is the only app we looked at that included a business card scanner, so you can import contacts on the go! Tracks does include pipeline management and Google apps integration, so is worth considering if those features are important to you.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration levelHIGHMID
APIYIn Development
Browser AppsIn Development
Contact ManagementY
Customer SupportY
Data ManagementY
Document HandlingBEST
Email ServicesBEST
File SharingBEST
Productivity & Team ManagementY
Sales & marketingY


Winner: Insightly!

Insightly wins this round, with its incredibly impressive array of integrations! It comes best in class for document handling, file sharing, and email services. Tracks is definitely the more minimalist piece of software, and sometimes that can be a bonus!

Round 4: Language support

The online app is available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, with mobile and desktop apps available in an unspecified but limited selectionAvailable in English, and you can change the currency in preferences, but no specifics on currencies supported


Insightly, as Tracks just doesn’t give enough information on languages and currencies supported! 

The battle score

Overall Winner: Insightly!

With an incredible range of integrations, and a whole range of features, Insightly is definitely the one to check out here!

But you might prefer Tracks if:

  • You have a smaller budget
  • You need payment gateway and Google apps integration
  • You want a more minimal app
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