Wistia vs Vzaar


Powerful, Easy to use, and affordable video hosting

wistia review


Your videos. How you want them.

vzaar review

Round 1: Pricing

From $25/ month for 100 videosFrom $20/ month for 100 GB Storage


Winner: Wistia!

Wistia and Vzaar have similar pricing levels, and both offer free trials s to test out their features. Wistia’s advanced features are available from $100/month, whereas you have to buy the $160/month Vzaar platform to unlock its full power. Wistia have a limited free plan which is useful for small businesses, and both platforms have custom high volume plans.

Round 2: Features

Customizable Playerxx
Unbranded Playerxx
In video Calls to ActionBESTx
Website does not redirect to third partyxx
Multiple player themes supportedx
Email CaptureBESTx
Aggregate Analyticsxx
Advanced Analytics, individual viewer metricsBEST
Integrations with CRM and marketing automationx
Video SEOxx
Password Protectionxx
IP Blockingx
HTTPS Compatiblexx
Embedding Restrictionsxx
Download Restrictionsx
Codes to secure paid contentxx
Allows users to pay directly for premium contentx
Subscription ServicesBEST
Direct Payment (Tip Jar)


Winner: Wistia!

Wistia has a fuller feature set and a lower price to activate them all. Wistia is especially strong in analytics and customer engagement metrics. Vzaar does allow for more direct monetization, easily allowing users to pay for one off content and subscriptions along with letting the user profit from advertising.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration levelHIGHMED
Content Management (Wordpress, Joopla)YY
Ecommerce (Shopify/WooCommerce)Y
CRM (Salesforce/Hubspot/Infusionsoft)YY
Social MediaY


Winner: Wistia!

Wistia plays very nicely with others and has integration support for email marketing, content management, and ecommerce as well as social media. but Vzaar has more support for Content Management systems like WordPress and Joopla. Wistia integrates with Salesforce while Vzaar integrates with Hubspot, so that may sway your choice if you’re already using one of these CRM platforms.

Round 4: Language support

Only available in EnglishMultiple Language Support


Winner: Vzaar! 

The battle score

Overall Winner: Wistia!

But you might prefer Vzaar if:

  • You use Hubspots
  • You want to set up subscription services or monetize from advertising
  • You need multiple language support
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