Vimeo Pro vs Vzaar

Vimeo Pro

Your videos look better on Vimeo

vimeo-pro review


Your videos. How you want them.

vzaar review

Round 1: Pricing

Vimeo ProVzaar
$17/month ($200/year) for 1024 GBFrom $20/ month for 100 GB Storage


Winner: Vimeo Pro!

Both Vimeo Pro and Vzaar offer a stripped back free version (though Vimeo cannot be used for commercial and business purposes). The storage offered by the basic Vzaar package is 100GB (with 250GB bandwidth, good if you have a few videos with a lot of traffic) but the advanced features are not available until you pay for the ‘professional’ package at $200/month. For low volumes of HQ video Vimeo Pro is better.

Round 2: Features

Features:Vimeo ProVzaar
Customizable Playerxx
Unbranded Playerxx
In video Calls to Actionx
Website does not redirect to third partyx
Multiple player themes supported
Email Capturex
Aggregate Analyticsxx
Advanced Analytics, individual viewer metrics
Integrations with CRM and marketing automation
Video SEOxx
Password Protectionx
IP Blocking
HTTPS Compatiblex
Embedding Restrictionsxx
Download Restrictionsx
Codes to secure paid contentx
Allows users to pay directly for premium contentxx
Subscription ServicesBEST
Direct Payment (Tip Jar)BEST


Winner: Vzaar

Vzaar wins here – but only from the $200/month package onwards. For the basic package, the feature list is almost equal although Vzaar has slightly more functionality. Vimeo Pro still has the best features relating to monetization through the Vimeo on Demand and Tip Jar service. Vimeo Pro has analytics features which are better than the basic package Vzaar analytics but worse than the business package.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration:Vimeo ProVzaar
Integration levelLOWMED
Content Management (Wordpress, Joopla)Y
Ecommerce (Shopify/WooCommerce)
CRM (Salesforce/InfusionSoft/Hubspot)Y
Social Media


Winner: Vzaar!

Vzaar wins again with a medium level of integration capability. WordPress, Youtube, and Hubspot are all supported internally. Vzaar only integrates with Hubspot rather than Salesforce but its MailChimp  app makes it a good bet for email marketing. Vimeo Pro, while it supports HTML5 does not have great integration support officially. The API is open for developers to make their own additions.

Round 4: Language support

Vimeo ProVzaar
Only available in EnglishMultiple Language Support


Winner: Vzaar 

The battle score

Overall Winner: Vzaar!

But you might prefer Vimeo Pro if:

  • You have a smaller budget
  • You want to use the Vimeo on Demand and Tip Jar monetization features
  • You are a design or creative professional – Vimeo has the highest video quality
  • You need 20GB of video per week, or less
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