SMB Expert Wisdom Project

SMB Expert Wisdom is something we were thinking of a long ago. Basically, we wanted to outreach to the most interesting people (experts, bloggers and the company leaders) in the industry and make a series of interviews. It is finally underway.

The interview magic

The Expert Wisdom trick is that interview is simple and standard. 5 questions go to a set of experts and we expect them to give his/her own thoughts. The magic comes in when we analyze/ compare the answers. Likewise, we apply use statistical analysis to different sets of 5 notions attributable to SMB owners, etc. In all, juxtaposing the set of answers to the same questions from experts of different backgrounds produces a very promising technique.

How do we choose experts

We generally browse the blogs and sites of established bloggers and media personas to find people who we want to interview. We also invite company leaders and people behind the software to give their part of the story. As a part of the process, we often outreach to the software producers offering to review their software (free of charge) as well as to participate in the project.

How do we publish interview?

At first, we publish them one by one. Secondly, we combine them together to produce a hopefully coherent expert ideas picture. Finally, our ambition is to produce industry specific reports that are interview-based and combine them with some in-depth insights from certain experts.

Want to participate? Don’t hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected]

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