SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo


Create Surveys, Get answers


Survey software that will make you smile

Round 1: Pricing

Basic$25/month$25/ month
Pro$65/month (paid annually)$69 /month


Winner: SurveyMonkey!

Both programs offer similar packages and pricing tiers, however SurveyMonkey does offer a free stripped down version giving it the win.bouncy castle

Round 2: Features

Company Brandingy
Own Domain Linksy
Theme Templatesyy
Customizable Templatesyy
Unlimited ResponsesBEST
Save & ResumeBESTy
Offline SurveysBEST
Logic ThreadingyBEST
Actions & NotificationsBEST
Basic ReportingBESTy
Advanced Reportingyy
A/B Split Testingyy
Pay for Selected ResponsesBESTy
Password Protectionyy
Secure Linksyy
Optimized for Mobileyy
Accept Paymenty
Exporting Datayy


Winner: SurveyGizmo!

Both programs have similar sets of features; however SurveyGizmo allows you to accept payment directly, has better advanced reporting features, and makes its advanced features available on lower priced plans.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration levelMED/HIGHMED/HIGH
Google ApsYY
Customer Relationship ManagementYY
Email MarketingYY
Content ManagementY


Winner: Tie!

SurveyMonkey integrates directly with a number of email marketing and customer relationship management software while SurveyGizmo only integrates with Salesforce and Exact Target, although both integrate indirectly with many more through Zapier. SurveyGizmo also integrates with content management systems and can accept payments directly.

Round 4: Language support

55 Languages supportedNo Automatic Language Support
Multiple Languages in one form supportedMultiple Languages in one form supported


Winner: SurveyMonkey! 

SurveyMonkey has translations for all standard buttons and fields in 55 languages, and more than one language can be included in the same form for bilingual responders. SurveyGizmo supports translation of up to 200 different languages and is easy to set up, however you must supply the translated text yourself.

The battle score

Overall Winner: SurveyGizmo!

But you might prefer SurveyMonkey if:

  • You want to use their free version
  • You need multiple language support
  • You want a program that integrates with more email marketing and customer relationship platforms
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