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Round 1: Pricing

BasicOn requestFree
ProOn request$25/month


Winner: Typeform!

Qualtrics pricing is available on request but starts around $2500/year, but its analysis features are second to none. It also has a free version up to 250 responses. Typeform offers a free Basic version and a very reasonably priced Pro package.

Round 2: Features

Company BrandingyBEST
Own Domain Linksyy
Theme Templatesyy
Customizable TemplatesyBEST
Unlimited Responsesy
Save & Resume
Offline Surveysy
Logic Threadingyy
Actions & Notificationsyy
Basic Reportingyy
Advanced ReportingBEST
A/B Split Testing
Pay for Selected Responses
Password Protectiony
Secure Linksyy
Optimized for MobileyBEST
Accept Paymenty
Exporting Datayy


Winner: Quatrics!

Qualtrics is the Ferrari of survey software, used by half of the Fortune 500 and with hundreds of ways to analyze your data. That’s not to say that Typeform is a bad choice, conditional logic and piping are including in the free plan and the Pro plan is the lowest priced solution for having surveys and forms featuring no third party branding.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration levelLOWLOW
Google Aps
Customer Relationship Management (Salesforce)Y
Email Marketing
Content Management


Winner: Typeform!

Neither program is particularly known for its integration, but Typeform allows you to accept payments directly and make connections with several programs through Zapier. Qualtrics only integrates with Salesforce.

Round 4: Language support

Automatic (Machine) translation24 Languages with Default Translation
Multiple Languages in one form supported


Winner: Typeform!

Typeform offers translations of standard messages, questions, and errors in 24 languages. Qualtrics does not any default translations, but does support multiple languages per survey, and can automatically populate the survey with machine translation.

The battle score

Overall Winner: Qualtrics!

But you might prefer Typeform if:

  • You don’t want to pay premium prices
  • You are surveying a small-medium selection
  • You place priority on the look and customization of your surveys
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