Google Forms vs Formstack

Google Forms

Create and Analyze Surveys, for Free

googleforms review


The Smart Way to Collect and Manage Data

formstack review

Round 1: Pricing

Pricing:Google FormsFormstack
BasicFree!$39/ month
ProFree!$249 /month


Winner: Google Forms!

Well, you can’t really beat free for pricing. But Formstack is one of the more expensive options for forms and survey in the category.

Round 2: Features

Features:Google FormsFormstack
Company Brandingyy
Own Domain LinksyBEST
Theme TemplatesBESTy
Customizable Templatesyy
Unlimited Responsesy
Save & Resumey
Offline Surveys
Logic Threadingyy
Actions & Notificationsyy
Basic Reportingyy
Advanced Reportingy
A/B Split TestingBEST
Pay for Selected Responses
Password Protectiony
Secure LinksBEST
Optimized for Mobileyy


Winner: Formstack!

Google Forms has some great features available for a free program, but the advanced ones really need some scripting experience to set up. Formstack is clearer and more intuitive, as well as containing some extra features not available in Google Forms.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration:Google FormsFormstack
Integration levelLOWHIGH
Google ApsYY
Customer Relationship ManagementY
Email MarketingY
Content ManagementY


Winner: Formstack!

You can access the Google Forms API yourself for custom development, but you can only integrate with other Google Aps or with other programs through Zapier. Formstack integrates with all these and more, including WordPress and several payment processing options.

Round 4: Language support

Google FormsFormstack
No Language Support21 Languages supported


Winner: Formstack!

Google Forms currently does not support more than one language being displayed in you forms, though there are third-party apps that can be added as a workaround. Formstack has translations for all standard buttons and field sin 21 languages, and more than one language can be included in the same form for bilingual responders. 

The battle score

Overall Winner: Formstack!

But you might prefer Google Forms if:

  • You have a low budget
  • You have scripting experience
  • You don’t mind a steep learning curve to get cheap and powerful features
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