Salesforce Marketing Cloud Vs Dotmailer

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Platform for 1:1 Customer Journeys

Salesforce marketing cloud review



dotmailer review

Round 1: Pricing

PricingSalesforce Marketing CloudDotmailer
Pro$1250/month 15000 contacts custom


Winner: Dotmailer!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, like other Salesforce products, focuses on premium product for premium pricing and even the least expensive package is going to be above budget for many businesses. Dotmailer offer custom pricing, so theoretically every business should be able to find a suitable plan.

Round 2: Features

Features :Salesforce Marketing CloudDotmailer
Customizable Templatesyy
Landing Page Creationy
Google Analyticsyy
Email Engagement Trackingyy
Individual Subscriber TrackingBEST
A/B TestingBESTy
Social Sharingyy
Social Listeningy
List Segmentationyy
Behaviour SegmentationBESTy
Survey Tools
Custom AutorespondersyBEST
Advanced Workflow AutomationBESTy
Phone Supportyy
Campaign AdvisorBEST


Winner: Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud really is best of the breed, and its high price is reflected in the services offered. You won’t find more sophisticated tracking or testing in the category. You also get a dedicated Campaign Advisor to help you make the most of them. That’s not to say Dotmailer is bad, it comes with more than enough features for most businesses, they are just aimed at two very different markets.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration :Salesforce Marketing CloudDotmailer
Integration levelMEDHIGH
CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal)Y
Ecommerce (Shopify/WooCommerce)YY
Social MediaY


Winner: Dotmailer!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrates with other Salesforce platforms, along with several Ecommerce applications. Dotmailer has more CRM options, and also connects through Facebook.

Round 4: Language support

Salesforce Marketing CloudDotmailer
Access to Salesforce in 17 languagesAccess to Dotmailer in 6 languages
Social Listening in 17 LanguagesMultiple alphabets and languages supported


Winner: Salesforce Marketing Cloud! 

The battle score

Overall Winner: Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

But you might prefer Dotmailer if:

  • You don’t need all of Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s features
  • You have a lower budget
  • You need an unusual or custom solution
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