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Round 1: Pricing

Pricing GetResponseiContact
BasicFrom $16/month for 1000 subscribersFrom $15/month for 500 subscribers


Winner:  GetResponse!

GetResponse beats iContact at every level of features and pricing, as well as making all its features available for every paid plan.

Round 2: Features

Features : GetResponseiContact
Customizable Templatesyy
Landing Page CreationBEST
Google Analyticsyy
Email Engagement Trackingyy
Individual Subscriber Trackingy
A/B TestingBESTy
Social SharingBEST
Social ListeningBEST
List Segmentationyy
Behaviour Segmentationy
Survey Toolsyy
Custom Autorespondersyy
Advanced Workflow Automationy
Phone Supportyy


Winner: GetResponse!

GetResponse has more sophisticated workflow automation, split testing, user segmentation and, subscriber tracking features than iContact, and the advanced features are available at lower prices. GetResponse also offers a landing page builder that is very useful. iContact does have an advantage for social sharing and listening.

Round 3: Integrations

Integration :GetResponseIContact
Integration levelHIGHLOW
CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal)YY
Ecommerce (Shopify/WooCommerce)Y


Winner: GetResponse!

GetResponse integrates with almost every program under the sun, and the API is very developer friendly if you need to make a custom app. iContact only integrates with Salesforce and Drupal.

Round 4: Language support

Support for 6 languagesEnglish Access
Multiple alphabets and languages supportedMultiple alphabets and languages supported


Winner: GetResponse! 

The battle score

Overall Winner: GetResponse!

But you might prefer IContact if:

  • Social listening and sharing is a big part of your marketing strategy
  • You have a very high number of subscribers
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