6 Applications to Help Maximise your Leads


Working out the best way to manage leads is an important factor in helping your business grow – having the right software, that integrates into your existing systems, while enabling you to identify promising leads while avoiding duplication, can make all the difference!

Managing and nurturing leads is a key part of running a successful SME. Particularly with a small sales team, it is vital that time is focussed on nurturing leads that result in deals. Many CRM solutions come with built-in lead management options, but sometimes it’s best to get something made for the job. Being able to intelligently identify those leads, while filtering out duplicates and dead ends will quickly help your business expand, but deciding which one to go for can be tricky, so here are some of the best options for SME’s looking to manage and maximise their leads!



FlipTop offers an analytical and data-driven approach to maximising leads. Their machine-learning algorithm (‘Darwin’) uses data from your existing CRM to develop a model specific to your business and customer profile, helping you increase the number of sales you get from market-qualified leads. Fliptop also has the best level of market automation integration, so if you use services like Marketo and Oracle, it’d be worth check out Fliptop!

Pricing: $2500 per month (based on data volume)




Fileboard promises to be the “missing layer between marketing automation and CRM”, and boasts an impressive range of features, including screen-share for sales presentations, team management, and sales performance analysis. In terms of lead scoring, it allows you to define your own criteria, and provides you with detailed analytics in terms of engagement tracking. If you send and share a lot of files as part of your marketing strategy, Fileboard can really help, as it offers integration with DropBox, Box, and Huddle!


Pricing: $49 per user per month



Velocify provides lead management services, such as identifying and removing duplicate entries, as well as automation of routine communications. It features an integrated dialer to make it easier to log and track every way you contact clients, and helps you prioritise those leads most likely to result in sales. Velocify also have excellent integration with over a dozen different apps, including useful accounting and finance apps such as Magneto and Recurly.

Pricing: from $60 per user per month (minimum 5 users)



Act-On is designed with the SME in mind, and includes social media campaign management, advanced SEO for websites and marketing content. It has full integration with the major CRM apps, such as SalesForce and SugarCRM, and also has an API, allowing you to create custom interactions if that’s your thing!


Pricing: $600 per month for 1000 active contacts



Leadmaster is a cloud-based lead management system that also offers integrated telephony solutions, alongside more standard CRM features. It’s a good “all-rounder”, so if you’re just starting out and aren’t using another CRM, Leadmaster could be a good choice.

Pricing: from $150 per month (for 3 users)



Leadsquared offers the highest level of integration in this list, with 17 different apps, as well as API access, so if you want to pull data from a lot of sources, or already have your favourite CRM, LeadSquared should slot right in! In contrast with the other apps, LeadSquared have strong integration with a range of search and listings sites, such as Autotrader, and a number of other sites particularly useful for those with a large customer base in India.

Pricing: from $25 per month for 5 users (based on number of active contacts)

There are so many different approaches to lead management, with pricing based on user number or data volume, or a combination of both, so before you make a decision, think about how many people in your team will need access, and have a rough idea of the number of ‘active contacts’ you want to contact on a daily basis as this will help narrow down the best option for your company.

All of these tools come with free trial periods of at least 14days, with Fliptop, Velocify, and Leadmaster giving you a full 30days to road test features, and it’s definitely worth having a look at how it will work for you before taking the plunge!


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